Bonnie Perry


My Philosophy

Each of us is like a lotus blossom that continually blossoms forward and that we are Divinely Creative. By tapping into that Divine/creative part of ourselves, we not only produce works of art in all forms – “Official” and Unofficial,” but also enhance the meaning and quality of our life as well as that of others. Creativity is innate and is can be fostered and nurtured with Love and through Spirit. Self-expression is a natural urge and a key element in creating a meaningful life and fulfilling life. By exploring the internal – our inner selves – we are able to express to the outer world in a meaningful, productive and joyous way. Self-expression and creative endeavors of all sorts bring a natural joy and is, in many cases, a spiritual practice or experience. we are meant to express and create as part of our natural state of Being.

My Mission

I consider myself a Mid-wife of Possibilities and joyfully collaborate with creators of all types in exploring and nurturing their creative lives. My goal is to meet each person where they are and to assist to them, step-by-step in achieving their goals and objectives.

As a result of my own transformation and expansion through creativity, spirituality and past-life regressions, I discovered my calling to guide and empower others.

I delight in guiding others along their chosen path. I share my passion, my experience and my intuitive whispers to nurture and empower others along their own individual path. With gentleness, ease and grace, I may ignite a creative spark, help unwrap a karmic gift, or dust off a latent desire and ability.

I assist others in moving forward in both personal and practical areas. to discover and embrace their magnificent gifts and abilities, use these talents in a way that contributes to their personal sense of meaning and success.

My Experience

As a writer and a glass artist, I have lived the ebb and flow of finding and nurturing my creative self. I found that recognizing that this is a life-changing journey – that as I create, I transform added depth to my adventure and texture to my art. I traveled the path from budding creator to marketing my work in exhibits and galleries. Introspection and reflection, combined with academic study, enables me to speak from first-hand experience as well as from a base of intellectual knowledge. My personal transformation – like the unfolding of the lotus, adds beauty and grace to my life.

My Education and Training

  • Master’s of Arts in Transpersonal Studies: focus – Creativity, Atlantic University
  • Bachelor’s of Arts in Liberal Arts: focus – Business Management, Lesley University
  • Certified Creativity Coach
  • Certified Integrated Imagery
  • Certified Past-Life Regressionist
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Intuitive Heart Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Multi-Dimensional Healer

Professional Organizations

  • Creativity Coaching Association
  • National Guild of Hypnotists
  • National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists
  • Cape Cod Writers Center