Art is More Than Beauty or Expression

A Joseph Campbell quote took my breath way. He so simply stated what I had been feeling in my heart – “Art is the set of wings to carry you out of your own entanglement.” Art is so much more than the end result. It’s not about the painting, the writing, or the producing. It’s about the process – about stepping into our True Self.

Falling into the trap of thinking that what we are doing has to do with the physical world – with the output, creates a sense of separation and often struggle. Yes, that does all have a place, but what is really important here? Why do we feel called to write that poem or paint that scene?

When we open up and allow the flow of what’s actually trying to emerge, we experience ease and grace. There’s a personal sense of healing that washes over the process. This is a sign, as Campbell points out, of untangling part of oneself that is ready to fly off on gentle wings. I love the softness of this expression.

Can you picture this in your mind? Perhaps you can be on the lookout for that sense of a mild lifting or soft clarity as you approach your next art adventure. It can be a magical opportunity!