Integrated Imagery

What is Integrated Imagery?

Integrated Imagery, developed by Dr. John Amoroso, blends past-life regression with Carl Jung’s theories. This combination creates a practical and action-oriented experience that affords significant opportunities for personal growth and/or healing.

Each of us carries forward karma from many past lives. Integrated Imagery provides a structured method of exploring various stages along the Energetic Chain of Experience. This includes between life and before states, the perinatal, as well as past life experiences.

Jung’s theory of positive and negative complexes or themes is the framework used to move the session into action-orientation and potential for healing. Positive patterns are highlighted and enlivened. Discovering, understanding or more fully owning past gifts, talents, skills and abilities in a past life experience enhances the experience of these qualities in the current lifetime. Shining a light on past successes, for example, empowers their use and further development in the present life. Conversely, negative patterns or beliefs can be de-energized and their impacts minimized.

What is a session like?

An Integrated Imagery session can be a life-changing experience. I set aside a block of two hours for the initial intake and the actual session. We begin with a discussion of what you would like to explore and set intentions. I believe that your Higher Wisdom – Your Higher Self – will direct the experience to serve your Highest and Best.

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and will use my technical as well as intuitive skills to guide you – using hypnosis to being you to an altered state in order to travel to a past life, between life or other station along the Energetic Chain of Experience.

Although in an altered state of consciousness, you will have recall of most of the details as we travel through time and experiences. I will record the session for you for you to revisit the session at your convenience.

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“Through Bonnie’s compassionate and loving guidance with my past life regression,  I have learned that we come into this life as a soul impressed with the wisdom and  wounds from many other lifetimes. With her help as an astute past life regression  therapist, I “re-lived” the past life stories, I recalled the thoughts and feelings that  got frozen in past lives, as well as the trauma from unfinished lessons ~ where the  patterns originated. The process of remembering diffused the energy around the  patterns.

I am becoming more understanding of myself at the deepest level of my being as a soul who brought a rich history into this life. I have been able to move on to live more fully and creatively in the present, gleaning the lessons of numerous lifetimes.  From unfinished lessons from previous lives I have gained direct experience of myself as a soul journeying and growing through time towards healing.

My deepest gratitude to you Bonnie, for being the instrument that got me there and have brought me to where I am going.”     Babette D., Tucson, AZ