Playshops and Presentations

I love sharing with groups. Please feel free to contact me if any of these workshops/playshops call to you. They can be tailored to any group.

Girls’ night out?

Artist groups?

Guest speaker at your gathering?

  • Calling in Your Muse –
    • Ignite and Nurture Your Creative Spark
    • Using Transformative Processes
  • Fishing Dreams for Inspiration –
    • Learn to tap into your dreams for material and inspiration.
  • Meditating to Enhance the Creative Process –
    • Develop a practice of quieting the mind
  • Integrated Imagery to Enliven Abilities –
    • Look into past lives to discover and enhance natural talents, gifts and abilities
  • Memory Divination for Creative Solutions –
    • Learn to use your own memories as means of discovery
  • The Magical Art of Manifesting –
    • Identifying and making dreams come true
  • Inspired Writing/Inspired Creating –
    • Tap into your Higher Self as a means of creating from the heart and soul
  • Unleash Your Wild Woman –
    • Recognize the value of tapping into your Inner Wild Woman and Learn how to balance her in a way that nurtures your creative life
  • Let’s Look Procrastination in the Eye-
    • How to get going and not fall into the time trap of procrastination
  • Nurturing Your Inner Life –
    • Using Meditation and Dreams to enhance your creativity